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Welcome to Boston Taekwondo

Boston Taekwondo is based in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, and we teach the World Taekwondo (WT) style of taekwondo which you can see in the Olympics. Our National Governing Body is British Taekwondo.

Boston Taekwondo's Chief Instructor is Master Alan Steeper, 7th Dan, who has more than 38 years of experience in teaching Taekwondo. Our club has been running for 30 years with an average of 130 members training at the present moment. Classes are available for children from 4 years to adults, and all experience levels, from beginners to National competitors.

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Our Classes

At Boston Taekwondo we teach a syllabus which helps to promote self-discipline, etiquette, modesty, perseverence, and indomitable spirit, which are taekowndo's tenets. Promoting confidence, strength, cardiovascular fitness, focus and suppleness are very important to us, but we also promote fun, friendship and so much more. We use achievement charts so students can track their own progress towards their next grading, which allows independent learning and keeps parents up to date with their child's progress.


Due to COVID-19, some of our venues and timings have changed. These timings are a rough guide depending how many students book in. All places must now be booked in advance. COVID-19 also means we can't practise some elements of taekwondo until further restrictions are made, such as self-defence.


Peter Paine Performance Centre - Small Hall

Poomsae class 5:50-6:50pm

Our poomsae class is run by Master Kimberley, 5th Dan. These classes are designed to improve your patterns and Master Kimberley will put you through your paces to prepare you for competitions or gradings. We currently have 4 members on the Great Britain Poomsae Squad, which saw Master Kimberley representing GB in the European Championships in 2019, where her team finished in 6th place.

Email Master Kimberley Stancer to book your free lessons.
The 2 free lessons are for new members only.

competition medallists


Peter Paine Performance Centre - Main Hall

5-12 years - 6-7pm

Our Junior class is run by Master Alan, 7th Dan and is for all experience levels from beginners to black belts. The class will be split into groups, based on your belt, to train towards your level by our experienced instructors. You will have a lot of fun as you work your way through the belt system.

13 years upwards - 7:15-8:45pm

Again, our senior class is run by Master Alan and is for all experience levels. However, as this is for teenagers and adults, we focus a lot more on fitness and self-defence (when COVID-19 restrictions ease again), from basic defence up to knife and stick defence. You will learn how to use your whole body to make your movements more effective and create a strong mental attitude as you progress through the belt system.

Email Boston Taekwondo to book your free lessons.
The 2 free lessons are for new members only.

our members doing the splits


Peter Paine Performance Centre - Small Hall

White belts - Yellow belts - 12-1pm

Our beginners class is run by Master Alan and is for any age group from 4 years. You will be split into groups and make your way through our belt system through challenges and fun. You will learn the basics of taekwondo whilst developing your physical and mental skills.

Green Tags - Blue Tags - 1:15-2:15pm

Blue Belts - Black Tags - 2:30-3:30pm

You will be put through your paces by Master Steeper on all elements of taekwondo, such as, fitness, self-defence, board breaking, patterns, sparring and much more to take you through the belt system.

Black Belts - 3:45-4:45pm

As you will already have a lot of skill within taekwondo, our advanced class allows you to develop it more intricately. You will learn how to use your body to your advantage. You will learn more advanced techniques that will allow you to progress through the black belt grading system.

Email Boston Taekwondo to book your free lessons.
The 2 free lessons are for new members only.

Master Kimberley kicking